MAP Parent & Student Handbook


All of the forms you need, and the placement forms are in the Parent & Student Handbook.  Please be sure to give the parent a hardcopy of the handbook. 

Take the forms at the end of the handbook and have the parent complete their sections and sign.  Be sure to go over the orientation, arrival, location, and dress code sections with the parent/guardian.

Complete you sections and then email the completed and signed forms to Mrs. Hargrove at  If you need assistance, call her at 4731 or 4866

Forms need to be sent 48 hours prior to a DAEP placement start date.


For Parents/Guardians

The handbook with help you learn about our campus staff, values, expectations, polices, and procedures.

Manor ISD DAEP Handbook.docx, 2.89 MB; (Last Modified on September 14, 2020)