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Manor Middle School Projected To Earn “D”: 1882 Partnership Update


Based on scoring data from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and predictions made by Manor ISD, Manor Middle School is projected to have earned a “D” rating for the school year. 

With the projected “D” rating, the proposal for MMS to enter an 1882 Partnership with a charter campus would not be needed for the next school year. 


While the 1882 partnership discussions are off the table for time being, the possibility of MMS needing to enter an 1882 Partnership is not completely eliminated. To eliminate that possibility, MMS must earn a “C” rating by TEA within the next two school years. 


To help MMS achieve a “C” rating within this timeframe, district administrators, MMS leadership, and campus staff will work collaboratively to determine the best course of action and identify steps to increase improvement. 


Parents and guardians are encouraged to partner with the campus and help support these efforts by remaining connected to their child’s education and helping ensure that students come ready and prepared to engage in meaningful learning every day.