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ACC Summer Classes

Students need to log into Self Service with ACC.  Their course information can be found by clicking Student Planning and then Go to Plan & Schedule.  
Summer Courses at ACC Elgin campus:
1st 6 Week Session:  May 28 - July 3 (for all MECHS students)
2nd 6 Week Session:  July 5 - August 12 (for students who need to catch up on classes in addition to their Summer I classes).

Engineering class for MICA students at ACC Riverside campus (for both cohorts):

8 Week Session:  May 28 - July 23

ACC calendar for 2019-2020 can be viewed HERE

BOOKS: freshmen will receive their books for Speech class before May 28th. All other Summer I classes have free online books and resources provided by a professor. Also, please make sure you have books for summer II. Check online and if it is not posted, then email the course professor to find out what book you need. If you need one, please contact Mr. Silva or Dr. Sadikova ASAP so we can buy you books. You need to turn in your books along with your ipads (see below). 
IPADS: July 1-3rd, Dr. Sadikova will meet everyone at ACC Elgin to collect Ipads and books from students who do not have summer II classes. August 10-12th, you have to drop off your ipad to Dr. Sadikova or Mr. Silva at MECHS building so we can re-install it. Ipads will be re-distributed before first day of ACC classes which is August 26th. 
To view Summer 2019 Bus Routes, please go HERE
All students will be picked up at the elementary school in their neighborhood at one time and taken to MHS. From MHS, they will be transported to ACC Elgin. After the last class, all students will be transported back to MHS where they will take another bus back to their elementary campus. There is only one pick up and drop off time regardless of when your class starts. 
If you have a practice at Senior High, the bus will pick you up/drop you off 30 minutes before ACC class starts (8:30 AM for 9am class or 10:30 AM for 11am class).