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Help support Manor Mariachi

Help me give my students Guitaroons and Vihulas so that they can create culturally relevant music.

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   Manor ISD is a rapidly growing, diverse district that encompasses approximately 100 square miles and includes addresses in Austin, Manor, and Elgin Texas. It serves over 8,700 students. Many students come from bi-lingual household and have free or reduced lunch.

   Mariachi has been taught in the Middle School for a number of years and it is now time to start a High school program.

   Mariachi is a popular elective. Students are motivated to recreate the music that their parent, grandparents, aunts, and uncles play. It gives them a feeling of connection and belonging.

My Project

   Mariachi is a music that is culturally relevant to many of my students. It enables them to connect to families and heritage. Making Mariachi music gives students motivation and a sense of self that they wouldn't get from any other form of music.

   Traditional Mariachi groups have singers, violins, trumpets, guitars, guitarron, and vihuelas.

   We have all the needed instruments except guitarrons and vihuelas. A guitarron is a large fretless bass. It is used to play the bass line in Mariachi music. The vihuela is a small deep-bodied rhythm guitar.

   Students will be given many opportunities to perform throughout the community. This is the best learning experience they can have. It will teach them what it is like to be a professional musician.

Ms. Lynn Collier