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Manor ISD Becomes First School District In Texas To Partner With Beable and Pathful To Streamline Career Connections

Thinking outside of the box to connect students to careers, Manor ISD has become the first school district in Texas to partner with Beable and Pathful to help students tie their interests to careers and build the skills they need to be successful. 


The partnership will provide students with career exposure combined with literacy acceleration to close the gap and give students a better chance at success once they graduate. 


Through Beable, students will have access to a unique educational resource that cultivates the whole child by helping each child realize that understanding one’s interests directly connects with future career opportunities. As it does this, it also builds their literacy skills to prepare them for future occupations. It provides content at each learner’s reading level and scaffolds for struggling readers to ensure success for all. By combining literacy acceleration with personalized career exploration, Beable has been proven to drive literacy gains by five times the expected annual growth. 


Through Pathful, students will have support in deciding what they want to be. This includes live connections to real professionals in each industry to provide a more insightful, impactful, and meaningful experience. Connections like these will help students figure out what they need to learn and whom they need to know to prepare for life beyond the classroom.  


The programs will be available to scholars starting this Spring. 


“We have some amazing young people in Manor ISD and want to ensure every child in Manor ISD reaches their full potential,” Dr. Christopher Harvey, Chief Academic Support Officer, said. “Our partnership with Beable and Pathful will allow us to have targeted programming, conversations, and interventions between 6th and 12th grade, and hopefully K-12 in the near future.” 


In addition, through the partnership, Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers will be provided with tools and data to assess further and support student success. The district will also provide this data to determine where further support is needed and how student success is impacted.