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Dress Code UPDATE

Manor Middle School

  • 6th Grade: Green, Yellow, or Orange Polo (Collared) Shirts
  • 7th Grade: Navy, Sky, or Royal Blue, White, or Purple Polo (Collared) Shirts
  • 8th Grade: Red, Grey, or Black Polo (Collared) Shirts


  • Shirts – Short or long-sleeved polo-style (collared) shirts.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

  • Fridays are Spirit Days and Students/Scholars will be allowed to wear spirit-shirts. 

  • Pants – Plain khaki, navy or black pants, shorts, blue or black jeans and skorts must be worn on the student’s natural waist at all times. Shorts and skorts must be an approved length, which is no shorter than the tips of the fingers when the arms are extended by the sides of the body.

    • Blue or black jeans, pants, shorts, and skorts must be free of rips, tears, embellishments, and/or holes. Sweatpants are not allowed. Joggers and cargo pants are not allowed.

    • Dresses will also be allowed in plain khaki, navy, or black as long as the length is acceptable (no shorter than fingertips when extended to the sides) and are not considered tight.

  • Belts – Solid black or brown must be worn if pants have belt loops.

  • Hoodies are allowed in the grade level colors. However, we will not allow hoods to be worn inside the building. Students will be asked to tuck in hoods upon entering the building.

  • The use of hoodies will be evaluated throughout the school year to determine the use for the following school year.