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List of 2020 MISD Summer Programs

List of 2020 MISD Summer Programs



July 6 - July 31

Breakthrough provides programs and services and consists of a comprehensive series of academic programs for approximately 100 Manor ISD students at each grade level. Participants join the program the summer before sixth grade and continue as participants until they attain postsecondary success, leave the program, or move outside the Central Texas area. For this summer students will meet 3 times a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Times TBD


Manor Storytime: Rising Kindergarten families

July 6 - August 14

This program is open to 18 families of rising bilingual Kindergarten students. Families will meet twice a week for a 20-30 min zoom. Families will recieve an "activity box" each week with activites connected to story, family activity, recipe and ingredidents, and technology (Kindle) for reading stories and zoom meetings with UT/TX Humanities.


Summer School

June 15-25, July 6-16

Summer School is for all campuses to provide intervention for the school year interruption from the COVID19 shutdown. Each campus is supporting four weeks of programming for 1st-12th grades and is reaching out to students who are at risk or in need of intervention for summer school enrollment. However, if a parent is interested, they can reach out to their campus administrator and ask to be included. Please note that this year's summer school is all virtual. There is no link to sign up since each campus is enrolling their own students. 


Bilingual/ESL PreKindergarten/Kindergarten

June 2-25

Bilingual and ESL Prekindergarten/Kindergarten Summer programming will provide 120 hours of instruction for all PreK and Kinder students who are identified as English learners. This program will be delivered virtually over four weeks in the summer. Please contact Alejandra Harboure at for additional information.


Extended School Year (ESY)

June 8-26 and July 6-17

This program is for students with disabilities who have been identified by an ARD Committee. Students must have demonstrated regression of skill in critical skill area that wasn't recouped after a reasonable time. Regression occurs after extended breaks. Services vary based on the ARD Committee decision. Services will be available 4 hours/day, 4 days per week for 5 weeks. For 2019-2020, services will be provided through e-Learning and virtual instruction. Please contact for more information. 


For any information about the programs you can contact Celeste DC Sodergren, MISD Coordinator of Continuous Improvement at 512-278-4472 or