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A Message from Our Teacher of the Year

I’ve been teaching in Manor ISD for 13 years, and I would not be who I am if it were not for my students. Their eagerness to learn motivates me to relate to them, and build a strong school to home connection with their families. Being an educator has shown me not all children learn the same, or at the same rate, but working with children has taught me that all students are capable of achieving and learning as long as their teacher is willing to meet them where they are.
I’ve wanted to teach ever since I picked up a piece of chalk in my Maw Maw’s (grandmother) Special Education classroom back home in Louisiana when I was 5 years old. I would write on her chalkboard, talk out loud, pretend I was the teacher, and help her students that were picked up late with their after school activities. My Maw Maw was a Special Education teacher for 45 years, and would stay late after school everyday, and have me bussed over to her middle school campus from my elementary school. She has always inspired me, and showed me how rewarding & fun being an educator could be.
The one thing I love about teaching Pre-k is that I can teach my students with my first love, music & dance! I’m always looking for ways to make concepts interesting to them and help them retain what they are learning through movement and song. Most of all, I love the families I have had the privilege of serving this year, and throughout the years! 
Everyday I’m inspired by my MEELC family! They are the most caring, hardworking, amazing teachers and staff, and everyone truly deserves this honor. I feel so honored and grateful to be the Teacher of the Year. My heart is full.
Ms. Wimby