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Manor Independent School District

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Advanced Academics

About Advanced Academics

Mission Statement

Manor ISD Advanced Programs will provide rigorous academic instructional opportunities and culturally enriching courses and experiences for K-12 learners through continuous instructional support toward college preparedness, advanced measures of personal, cultural and academic growth, and exposure to a diverse array of learning experiences.

Navigational Goals:

  • MISD Advanced Academics will create a culture which evidences well communicated advanced educational opportunities as students strive to gain 21st Century Skills for individual growth, academic success and College Readiness.
  • Advanced Academics will provide quality professional development opportunities in order to build capacity for all campuses to house instructors qualified/certified in advanced instructional strategies and Gifted and Talented services in grades K-12.
  • We will provide classroom instructors and students with rigorous curriculum and formative and summative assessment tools indicative of advanced measures of learning.
  • Through continual data studies and communication, we will increase the number of students engaged in challenging instruction, advanced courses, and participation in college preparation indicators on all campuses.

Program Goals:

  • Continued increase in: Pre AP, AP, Dual Credit enrollment; number of students graduating on Distinguished Achievement Plans; number of students enrolled in AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination.
  • Continued progression in instructor Professional Development and resources for rigorous instruction for grades K-12.
  • Continued increase of scores indicating College Readiness: STAAR, AP, SAT, PSAT, ACT
  • Increase number of students identified and served through Gifted and Talented services.
  • Further development of services to secondary gifted and talented students

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