Man playing Guitar

    Open Your Hearts for Fine Arts at DES


    Help expand Decker Elementary School's after school Fine Arts programs.
    This is the first year that Decker Elementary School has been designated as a Fine Arts Academy.  We want every child to experience the fine arts (music, art, dance, choir, guitar and gymnastics) in a way that they wouldn't be able to in other elementary schools.
    Please help us raise money for costumes, ballet shoes, tap shoes, leotards, shorts, art supplies, digital programs, canvases, guitar picks and strings, and many other things that can help our student scholars master the ARTS!
    DES Fine Arts Goals:

    Service First
    Decker Elementary strives to increase the presence of Fine Arts throughout our campus using cross-curricular collaboration. Our Fine Arts department aims to create a passion for the arts that pours into the classroom.
    Student Success
    Decker Fine Arts creates and showcases student success for the public. At Decker, students are encouraged to take the strategies, practices, and confidence they gain in Fine Arts to the general education classroom.

    Community Outreach and Partnerships
    Decker Fine Arts Academy provides opportunities for students to reach out to the local community through performance and presentations both on and off campus. We collaborate with partnering schools and community programs to create successful, memorable experiences.