• Garden 4 Students in Garden Garden 3


    The TX Sprouts programs offer elementary-aged children a chance to experience hands-on garden, nutrition and cooking experience during the school day!
    Last year, Decker Elementary School received a garden designed and built at the school. This year we will have bi-monthly garden/nutrition/cooking classes taught during school hours to 3rd-5th grade students (which will be taught by a garden/nutrition educator provided by the grant), monthly garden/cooking/nutrition parent classes, assistance forming and resources to support a Garden Club at each school (consisting of interested teachers, parents, children, and staff) . 

    We are looking for interested parents and community members that would like to participate on the Garden Club. No gardening experience is required. Meetings will be held once a month from 3:00-3:40. They will be held in English and Spanish. Our focus will be on making our garden sustainable and a beneficial and integral part of the community.