• 2019-20 Parent and Student Handbook

    The Manor ISD Student Handbook is designed to provide basic information that you and your child will need during the school year. The handbook is divided into two sections:
    Section I—Parental Rights—with information to assist you in responding to school-related issues. We encourage you to take some time to closely review this section of the handbook.
    Section II—Other Important Information for Students and Parents—organized alphabetically by topic, and, where possible, further divided by applicability to ages and/or grade levels, for quick access when searching for information on a specific issue.

  • Manor ISD Student Code of Conduct 2018-19

    This Student Code of Conduct provides information regarding expectations for student behavior and consequences for misconduct. Please read and review the information via the PDF below in the Student Code of Conduct with your student so that you have a clear understanding of its content. Once you and your student have reviewed the Student Code of Conduct, please sign the acknowledgment form listed in the Student Code of Conduct and return it to the campus front office. Please contact your student's teacher or campus administrator if you have any questions about the Code.