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  • Manor ISD Fine Arts

    Manor ISD is committed to educating the whole child through a quality fine arts education. It is our mission to foster life-long learners from a diverse community cultivating creativity, innovation, and expression through the arts. By providing opportunities for students to use critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and to be actively engaged in the learning process, students are able to explore their areas of interest and have opportunities for self-expression PreK-12th grades. 

    Manor ISD is recognized as a ‘District of Distinction’ from the Texas Art Education Association and was named in 2019 a ‘Best Community for Music Education’ by the National Association of Music Merchants. Fine arts classes are offered at all 17 campuses in Manor ISD.

    Manor ISD offers two elementary campuses and one middle school as designated fine arts academies for those students interested in an accelerated fine arts pathway.


    Secondary course offerings at middle and high schools include:






    Visual Arts


    Departmental Goals


    Goal 1: "Service First"

    To serve our students, parents and community stakeholders with exceptional service in the arts.


    Goal 2: "Student Success"

     To lead as the department where ”all” students matter and are valued.


    Goal 3: "Community Outreach and Partnerships"

    To build strong relationships with our community partners in the arts.

  • Manor ISD Fine Arts Department

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