• The Manor ISD Board of Trustees approved the district’s five-year strategic plan in June 2017. The plan will launch a bold new vision of accountability and growth for the district. As part of the new strategic plan, Manor ISD will implement innovative scorecards that are aligned with the five-year strategic plan and track how the district is meeting goals set out within it.

    “Thanks to the work of Studer Education, the Manor ISD steering committee, and the Board of Trustees, we have a stellar plan and sound strategy to take us into the next five years,” said Manor ISD Superintendent Dr. Royce Avery.

    The strategic plan was created through a partnership between Manor ISD and Studer Education Group, which works with healthcare and educational institutions throughout the country.

    As part of the strategic planning process, Manor ISD and Studer engaged 8,907 individuals over a five-month period through surveys, focus groups, and town hall meetings.

    “What I was immediately impressed with was the high-level of engagement from stakeholders at all levels at Manor ISD,” said Dr. KK Owen, coach with Studer Education. “You could tell that the parents, staff, students, and other stakeholders involved in the focus groups really cared about Manor ISD schools.”

    The plan outlines a new motto, mission statement, and core values, which can all be seen below. The plan also draws on five pillars that serve as a foundation moving forward. Each pillar has a goal and strategies to achieve that goal.

    Motto: Diverse Paths to Success, Destination Manor

    Mission: “Manor ISD will ensure the social, emotional and academic development of every student through innovative opportunities.” 

    Core Values: Respect, Student Success, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability, Support