• Legislative Priorities

    Manor ISD is dedicated to advocating for policies that enhance the educational experience, promote equity and access, and ensure adequate funding for our schools. Our legislative priorities reflect our commitment to creating a supportive and effective learning environment for all students, empowering educators, and engaging our community. Explore this page to learn more about our advocacy efforts and how you can get involved in supporting the future of Manor ISD.


    Staff Development and Retention & Facilities and Maintenance

    Manor ISD calls upon the Texas Legislature to increase the basic allotment; to supplement — not supplant — state funding with local or federal dollars; and to update the school finance system to include enrollment-based funding, adjustments for inflation, student education, teacher compensation, and other costs outside of district control; consideration of regional cost differences; and accurate funding weights. Additionally, we recommend that the Texas Legislature oppose any and all attempts through efforts of policy or legislation to divert public funding toward private or non-public education institutions. 

    We advocate for: 

    • Increasing the Basic Allotment to provide more funding for public schools across the state.

    • Increased funding for expanded broadband access through the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) which provides help to connect students with high speed internet at home enhancing their educational experiences.

    • Funding school security and student safety mandates from the Texas legislature.


    Academic Achievement

    Manor ISD calls upon the Texas Legislature to require that the State Board of Education streamline the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills to limit standards for each subject at each grade level to what can be taught prior to state-mandated tests within the given school year.

    We advocate for:

    • Adequate funding to provide students more robust college and career counseling by reducing the counselor-to-student ratio as well as 
    • Prioritizing student mental Health.
    • Increased funding for the Technology and Instructional Materials Allotment.


    Communication & Community and Family Engagement

    Manor ISD calls upon the Texas Legislature to allow school district bond and voter-approval tax ratification propositions to include ballot language that accurately informs voters of what the measure seeks to accomplish and to fund the education of all students enrolled in Texas public schools. 

    We advocate for: 

    • Ballot language that accurately represents the impact of bond and voter-approval tax rate elections. 


    Equity and Innovation

    Manor ISD calls upon the Texas Legislature to support the learning of all students, especially early learners and Special education students.

    We advocate for: 

    • Legislation that eliminates the exemption for charter schools to exclude students with disciplinary histories, students with disabilities, and special population students.
    • Full funding for statewide, universal, high-quality, full-day prekindergarten programs to include transportation, facilities, and strengthen mixed delivery programs made in partnership with public school districts for pre-K 3 and pre-K 4.
    • Increasing special education funding at the state level and fully funding and modernizing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) at the federalLevel.
    • The continued funding of public education for all children living in the state regardless of immigration status.