Food and Nutrition Team at MSHS
  • About Our Menus
    Our menus are created and nutritionally analyzed by a Registered Dietitian to ensure the menus are meeting the nutrition standards required by the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. More information about the USDA school meal pattern and dietary specifications can be found here: USDA Meal Patterns.
    Offer vs. Serve Program
    Manor ISD participates in the Offer vs. Serve (OVS) Program. OVS is a provision in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) that allows students to decline some of the food offered. The goals of OVS are to reduce food waste while permitting students to decline foods they do not intend to eat.
    At breakfast, schools must offer students all three (3) required food components in at least the minimum required amounts. The components at breakfast are: grains (with optional meats/meat alternates), fruit (or vegetable as substitute) and milk. Under OVS, a student must be offered at least four (4) food items and must select at least three (3) food items one of which must be a 1/2 cup serving of either the fruit or vegetable component. 
    At lunch, schools must offer students all five (5) required components in at least the minimum required amounts. The components at lunch are: meats/meat alternates, grains, fruit, vegetables and milk. Under OVS, a student must take at least three (3) components in the required serving sizes. One selection must be at least 1/2 cup from either the fruit or vegetable component.


    New Pre-K nutrition standards will not impact breakfast. Additional information on the new Pre-K requirements can be found here: Pre-K Meal Pattern Requirements

  •  Unpaid Meal Charges 
    If a student exhausts their meal account funds, there is a grace period during which the student can charge up to 2 regular meals to his/her account. A student's account may not go negative as a result of an a la carte purchase.
    Once the charge limit is reached, if the account is not replenished, the student will receive an alternate meal for 3 days only. Charges must be paid in full before a regular meal is offered.
    It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to pay negative balances in a timely manner.
    Low and negative balance letters and emails will be sent to notify the household. It is also recommended that parents and guardians set up low balance reminders on Lunch Money Now.
  • Special Dietary Needs for Students with Disabilities
    Manor ISD Food & Nutrition Services department is required by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide appropriate menu substitutions to students with life threatening allergies (those that can cause anaphylactic reactions), or for students with disabilities that restrict their diet. 
    Menu changes may be provided for either:
    1) Students who have a disability that requires an Individual Education Plan or a 504 Plan and also have a special dietary need.
    2) Students who do not have a disability covered by the Americans' with Disability Act (ADA), but who have a disease that is life threatening or a food allergy that requires immediate medical attention such as an epi pen to treat anaphylactic shock.
    If the student meets either of these two definitions, a medical doctor who is licensed to practice medicine in Texas must complete and sign the Request for Dietary Accommodation.
    After the form is completed, it must be given to the school nurse & the cafeteria manager. The parent or guardian will be informed if the special need request meets the requirements of the regulations.
    Current USDA regulations no longer require annual updated medical statements from a medical authority. Therefore, any forms submitted will be valid until there is a request to modify or discontinue the request.
    To change or modify an existing request, it will require submitting another dietary request form and must have required medical authority signatures.
    Special Dietary Needs of Students without Disabilities
    For children who do NOT meet the definition of a disability or who do not have a food allergy/disease that is life threatening that requires alternate menu provisions, the Food & Nutrition Services Dept. may, although is not required to, make the requested menu substitutions. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, and most special meal requests can be accommodated by the variety in our menu.
    Food substitutions may be made at the discretion of the Food & Nutrition Services department for individuals who do not have a disability or a life threatening allergy, but who are medically certified as having a special dietary need.
    Currently, Manor ISD's Food & Nutrition Services Department does not provide non-dairy or lactose-reduced/lactose free milk substitutes to non-disabled students who cannot drink fluid milk due to a medical or special dietary need. Additionally, juice is not an approved fluid milk substitute, unless clearly stated by a physician in relation to a student with life threatening  allergy or disability. Milk is not required to be taken as part of Offer-vs-Serve regulations and students may choose juice when offered as a fruit component in the meal. Parents are encouraged to provide students with an appropriate beverage alternative from home. Water is available at every school.
    The Food & Nutrition Services department will not make menu accommodations based on religious convictions or personal food preferences. 
    *The allergy lists should be used strictly as a resource guide only.  It is not a guarantee of ingredients in all foods.  Products stocked by Manor ISD can change due to supplier changes or substitutions.  Manufacturers may also change formulation and ingredient profiles without the knowledge of Manor ISD Food and Nutrition Services Department. Parents are welcome to look at any ingredient label on food products at the school cafeteria.