• Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    The Manor Alternative Program is unlike any other Discipline Alternative Education Program in Texas.  We are focused on providing your scholar with a transformational experience based in Restorative Practices, high academic expectations, and social emotional supports.  

    Although the circumstances surrounding your scholar's placement at the MAP are not ideal, we won't you to feel at ease to know we are here to help you and your scholar through this experience. 

    Here are some important things to remember:

    1. Attend your Placement Hearing and Manifestation Determination (if applicable).  This is your opportunity to hear all of the facts and advocate for your scholar.  You can also inquire about campus supports and share needs your scholar and/or family may have.  
    2. Complete the paperwork provided to you by the home campus as soon as possible.  Your forms help us schedule orientation and transportation for your scholar.  In addition, your completed paperwork signals our team to begin working on an individualized plan for your scholar.  
    3. Read our handbook.  Become familiar with our supports, expectations, deadlines, and needs.  
    4. Attend all of our meetings:
      • Orientation Meeting - Required before the scholar can start at the MAP campus
      • Parent Conference - as needed
      • Transition Meeting - Required before the scholar can return to home campus

    If you want to have a few minutes to talk with me, please call 512-278-4866 or email Shannan Hargrove at shannan.hargrove@manorisd.net.

    From time to time, I block out time in my schedule for calls from the community.  You can also schedule time during that block of time by clicking here:  https://www.manorisd.net/Page/5629


    Always working to make the world a better place,

    Dr. Christopher Harvey

    MAP Principal