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Mrs. Beatriz Cisneros

Hi,Welcome to Spanish Web site!


My name is Mrs Beatriz Cisneros,   a little bit about me:

I was born in Mexico CIty, I learned English in Elementary school and I loved it  so  I kept studing  English until now!  I would love to learn more languages like   French and Italian!, 

I went to a private Collage in Guadalara, I finished my Bachelor' degree in Busines Administaration and I worked in private  companies in Supply Chain and Procurement field for  about 20 years. 

I decided to become a Spanish Teacher 5 years ago  because I love to be around our youth and because I have passion for world languages and culture!, I believe  being bilingual or polyglot  can open a lot of doors and  make  wider your horizonts in many ways, besides, is so fun!!!.

 Did you know that Spanish,  Catalan, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian  are called the "Romance languages" and came from the vulgar latin? therefore all of them are quite similar in some words and pronunciation and if you understand Spanish and you pay attention you can understand a little bit of Portuguese, French and Italian!, so what are you waiting for!.  


So join me to this journy of life traveling in a fun way and making a good wide path for you by learning 2 or more languagers! Sí se puede! 


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