• Four STEPS for ACC Application, Orientation, and Contract 


    FIRST: I need you to complete ACC application: http://www.austincc.edu/application 
    Some helpful information you need to know for it:
    1.     Area of Studies: Liberal Arts; students must select Liberal Arts for Area of Study, General Studies for Program, and High School Dual Credit Program for Basis of Admissions
    • High School Endorsement Area: Arts and Humanities
    • Which ACC High School Program are you applying for: Early College High School
    2.     Type of Student: High School Dual Credit student
    3.     Cell phone: put dashes: for example: 512-278-4000
    4.     Primary reason: Complete an associate degree
    5.     County: Travis
    6.     School: Manor High School
    7.     Graduation date, year: 2023 (put the year that you will graduate from high school)
    8. Start date: summer 2020 (put the semester when you start your first ACC class)
    THEN YOU WAIT for one day (they usually send you an email the same day): You should receive an email within 24 hours with your ACCeID. If for some reason, after 24 hours you don't receive an email, you can find your ACC eID here: https://www.austincc.edu/help/acceid under First time users - Find your ACC eID. 
    - Activate ACCeID by setting up password (https://www.austincc.edu/help/acceid; you'll need your social security number. - - Choose security questions (under the same link above). Here are the steps how to activate your ACC eID https://www.austincc.edu/node/44756/ or call at 512-223-4636. Here is a video how to activate your ACC eID https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HhpDSgczek8zCMW7vBn4nlMgNhezvrDG/view?usp=sharing  
    - Complete Online Orientation and take a test at the end (https://hsporientation.austincc.edu/)​ and send me a screenshot/picture that says "Congratulations..."  (please send me a picture through Remind app. 
    FOURTH: you and your parents have to complete and sign the Early Admission Contract, click here: https://www.manorisd.net/domain/1121 and email it to me (I need to turn in the original to ACC later; so it needs to be completed in blue or black pen). For now, the digital picture of it will do.
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