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Degrees and Certifications:

She has many degrees and considers herself a lifelong learner. Currently she holds the following degrees and certifications: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Bachelor of Arts in History Master of Arts in History Master of Science in Information Studies with emphasis in Archives Currently working on a Phd. in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis on Library Science Certified General Education level Ealry Childhood to 6th grade English as a Second Language level of Early Childhood to 12th grade Technology Applications level of Early Childhood to 12th grade School Librarian level of Early Childhood to 12th grade

Mrs. Cherie Allen-Baker

Mrs. Allen-Baker has been an employee of Manor ISD for 15 years. Eleven of those years has been at Pioneer Crossing New Tech Elementary. Mrs. Allen-Baker is one of the few remaining employees of PCE that opened the school in 2009. Mrs. Allen-Baker has held positionson at the PCE campus as a paraprofessional, second grade teacher and Librarian

As a child and an Air Force Brat, Mrs. Allen-Baker has traveled and lived in many locations, such as Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas; Grand Forks, North Dakota; and the Phillipines. She has two children and currently lives in Manor, Texas. She has two dogs Bane, an Australian Kelpie and Bella a Chocolate Labrador.

Often Mrs. Allen-Baker can be seen working in the garden, riding her bike, walking her dogs or reading.

Mrs. Cherie Allen-Baker strives to provide the best resources for the teachers, students and staff of Pioneer Crossing New Tech Elementary. She coaches a Broadcast club, which creates and distributes a morning announcement for the students and satff of PCE. She also coaches UIL in the subjects of Social Studies and Maps, Charts and Graphs. In addition Mrs. Allen-Baker assists with the PCE Robotics Club and Team as well as the various functions and events of the Music teacher Mrs. Hulse, the Art teacher Mrs. Ward and the P.E. teacher Mr. Johnston.