The following procedures are in place to ensure that students/teachers are well prepared for all types of field trips. This process is extended to during the school day and weekend trips associated with Manor Senior High School.

    Faculty will be sent these forms at the beginning of the year and will be available in the Faculty/Staff Handbook.

    Step One: Attend calendar meeting and submit field trip request online for approval.

    • Note the calendar blackout days which are before and during major test, this is a non-negotiable. No trips will take place on blackout days and testing windows.

    Step Two: Secure the proper paperwork and documentation needed to take a trip

    • If additional forms are needed, it is the responsibility of the sponsors to secure those documents as well.

    Step Three: Send home MSHS Permission Slip Form. This is done to ensure that parents gave consent and medical information is available in case of emergency.

    • These documents should travel with students on trip.
    Step Four: Have students complete an Extracurricular Field Trip From. This form allows teachers to know that students will be missing their class and also gives them an opportunity to voice concerns.
    • Students must be passing all classes, have good attendance and not have excessive tardies.
    Step Five: Make sure that all documents on the Field Trip Procedure Form are submitted


    FOUR WEEKS BEFORE DEPARTURE DATE. (This is non-negotiable) if you do not turn forms in at the appropriate time field trips will not take place.

    • This information should be scanned and stored for documentation.
    • This includes Bus Trip Request Forms and Request for Overnight/Out of State/Out of the County Travel Forms
    Step Six: Take all necessary trip forms with you on the trip with students
    • This includes the attendance roster, permission slips with medical release information.
    • Attendance roster must be turned in upon returning from trip for documentation purposes


    Note: If the Permission Slip Form, Field Trip Request Forms, Bus Trip Request Forms and Request for Overnight/Out of State/Out of the County Travel Forms are not filled out in the appropriate time frame Trips can be denied for travel. 

    FYI: All parents/ adults that intend to chaperone field trips must fill out a Volunteer Application. The Volunteer Application link is in the center of the Volunteer webpage. A Volunteer is anyone who could potentially be alone with children other than their own. They will not be allowed to volunteer or attend field trips without completing this process.