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Smart Snacks & Fundraising

Requirements for Food & Beverages Sold Outside the Meal Programs
All food and beverages made available to students during the school day (outside of the school meal programs) are required by federal law to meet Smart Snacks nutrition standards.
This includes:
  • A la carte cafeteria sales
  • School stores
  • Snack bars
  • Vending machines
  • In school fundraisers

All a la carte snacks sold by Manor ISD Food & Nutrition Services adhere to federal, state and local standards & have been verified by a Registered Dietitian. 


Food & beverage items that do not meet the nutrition standards for Smart Snacks must be sold outside of the school day. However, local policy offers flexibility for school sponsored fundraisers in which foods that do not meet the nutrition standards may be sold.  Each campus is allowed up to a maximum of 6 exempt fundraising days per school year, however local policies must be adhered to during these exempt days (see Local Wellness Policy/Wellness Plan).

Food and/or beverages sold during an exempt fundraiser must not be sold in competition with reimbursable school meals in the food service area during school meal service time.

The following are additional examples of allowable fundraisers:

  • Any non-food items
  • Any food items sold outside of the school day or off of the school campus (weekends, non-school hours)
  • Any food items not intended for consumption at school (cookie dough or frozen pizza to be prepared at home)
  • Foods sold in areas not accessible to students (teachers lounge)
  • Items sold to 'non' students


Competitive food is defined as all food and beverages sold to students on the School campus during the School day, other than those meals reimbursable under the National School Lunch and the School Breakfast Programs.

School campus: all areas of the property under the jurisdiction of the school that are ACCESIBLE to students during the school day. (Not applicable to faculty areas in which students do not have access)

School day is defined as the midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day (the last school bell).

These standards do not apply to foods given away for free, such as for birthday parties or school celebrations.

Smart Snacks Calculator

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