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Educator Certification & Renewal

Below is a list of state-approved, non-profit and for-profit Alternative Certification Programs (ACPs) available in Region 13. Cost and requirements vary from one program to another. Many can be completed in one year. Some programs allow you to teach as a paid intern while others require you to complete an unpaid teacher practicum. All alternative certification candidates must have a bachelor's degree or higher to qualify. The TEA's website offers a live chat option with a certification expert to help you sort through your options. 

Below is a list of approved educator preparation programs. The list also includes codes indicating which type or types of routes to certification each program offers. The three basic routes to certification are:

U = University-Based Program

Teacher training offered by colleges and universities as part of an undergraduate degree program.

PB = Post-Baccalaureate Program

Teacher training offered by colleges and universities for individuals who already hold a baccalaureate degree.

A = Alternative/Accelerated Programs

Teacher training offered by education service centers, school districts and other entities, as well as colleges and universities, for individuals who already hold a baccalaureate degree.

In addition, the Federal legislation titled "No Child Left Behind" allows school district to hire teachers who have not obtained full state certification for Title I schools if the teacher is enrolled in an acceptable alternate route to certification. The alternative certification programs (A) and post-baccalaureate programs (PB) that meet the Federal Criteria have been annotated accordingly.

Teacher Certification Renewal

Already certified and need to keep your current certificate active? All educators should model the philosophy of life-long learning and participate in professional development activities that focus on the need to continually update knowledge in content, best practice, research, and technology that is relevant to the individual’s role as an educator. Each individual who holds a Standard Certificate is responsible for renewing the certificate. The rules adopted by the Board for renewing certificates are codified at Title 19, Part VII, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 232, Subchapter A, and are available through the Texas Education Agency (TEA) web site.

An educator with a standard certificate in Texas is required to renew his or her standard certificate(s) every five years. Renewal requires 150 clock hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for teachers and 200 clock hours for school counselors, learning resource specialists/librarians, educational diagnosticians, reading specialists, master teachers, superintendents, principals, and assistant principals. Below are the TEA Standard Certification Renewal Guidelines as well as CPE Tracking Worksheets.

  • All certified educators seeking to renew a certificate must:
  • Complete the appropriate continuing professional education clock hours; 

  • Complete the online standard renewal application; 

  • Pay the appropriate renewal fee; 

  • Not be in default on a student loan or in arrears of child support

For additional information please visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website. You may also call 512-278-4279 if you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment with a Manor ISD Representative.

Out-Of-State Certification