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Manor Independent School District

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UIL Elementary Academics

Competition/Grade Level

Winning Student Name/ Final Rubric Score 

Creative Writing 2nd 

1st-SGES- Jeshua Teruel  

2nd-PCE-Eliana Mobolade 

3rd-PME-Rubio Castro 

4th-BME- Israel Martinez Garduño 

5th-PME- Melani Atomarchi 

6th-PME-Miguel Espino 

Chess Puzzles Grades 2nd- 3rd/Grades 4th-5th

2nd-3rd grade

1st- BTE-Luke Lu 

2nd-SGES-Maruja Raygon 

3rd-PME-Julian Dagenhart-Posos 

4th-PME-Tristan Thornton- 

5th-LES- Emanuel Lara 

5th-SGES-Laila Sifuentes 



1st-BTE-Justin Odoemen 

2nd-SES-Ian Forsythe 

3rd-BME-Angel Domingues 

3rd-PME-Kaleb McClain 

3rd-PCE-Aaron Reyes 

4th-LES-Roman Barton 

5th-SGES- Brian Duran 

6th- LES- Atticus Flanary-Rios 

Ready Writing Grades 3rd - 6th


1st-PCE-Caleb Avila 

2nd-PCE-Zoe Rosete Portales 

3rd-PME-Ariana SIngh 

4th-PME-Jalissa Westbrook 

5th-PME-Brianna Diaz 

6th-PME-Disney Mendez-Martinez 



1st-PCE-Elise Sears 

2nd-PME-Kaleb McClain 

3rd-PME-Ezekiel Cruz-Batista 

4th-SES- Srimanogjan Kodavatiganti 

5th-PME-Layla Freston 

6th-LES-Eliza Lowery 

Story Telling Grades 2nd- 3rd 

Top 1% medals- to all participants provided- 

Oral Reading 4th-6th


Top 1% medals-to all participants provided-

Spelling Grades 3rd - 6th- 


1st-PME-Jalissa Westbrook

2nd-PCE- Clayton Warren 

3rd-PME- Huai Hung - 

3rd-BME- Mila Shores-

4thPME- Sandra Vicente 

5th-SGES-Sophia Meinkowsky 

6th-PME-Anari Simon 



1st-PME-Kaleb McClain 

2nd-BTE- Dereo Thomas

3rd-BTE-Jessie Anoka 

4th-PCE-Elise Sears 

5th-PME-Mary Basinger 

6th-SGES- Zoi Adams 

Number Sense 4th-5th

1st-SGES-Levi Hunt 

2nd-LES-Lucas Perez 

3rd-BTE-Mariah Perkins 

4th-BTE-Tasha Nwigbo 

5th-OME- Jeremy Lopez 

6th-LES- Lukas Seelig