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Restorative Justice in MISD

About Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a philosophy, social movement, and set of practices that seek to build meaningful relationships and address harms caused in a community.

Restorative discipline in schools is a derivative of restorative justice in court systems and seeks to focus on meaningful accountability in lieu of long term punitive consequences.

Research has proven that punitive consequences have little to no long term impact for changing student behavior.

Restorative Justice lends more focus to students being personally accountable for personal actions or attempting to “make it right”.  Restorative Justice is a process not a program. There is no quick fix for shifting culture and climate.

Everyone is invited to learn more about Restorative Justice so that we can build this community together.  


Erica Mason
Phone: 512 278-4800, x7002

Mrs. Erica L. Mason-Colvin

Meet Mrs. Erica L. Mason-Colvin, Manor ISD’s First full-time Restorative Justice Facilitator!  

Mrs. Mason-Colvin has joined the Manor HS staff to serve students, staff, and community in a restorative capacity.

Her background includes juvenile parole and probation casework, foster care advocacy, public speaking, classroom instruction, behavior teacher, Special Populations Department Chair, and Restorative Practitioner/Coordinator/Trainer.

Erica comes to Manor High School with the right mix of knowledge, experience, and training to serve. She has  facilitated circles and trained educators and district personnel around the state in Restorative Practices. She began her Restorative  journey as part of the TEA rollout of Restorative Discipline for all Education Service Centers in Texas.

Her motto is : “My voice is my vessel. I will always use it as a catalyst for  equity.”

Her Restorative Resume includes NACRJ membership, work with The RJIA, NEDRP, IRJRD, ED311, several community collaborations, and coaching from Eric Butler, Kay Pranis, Kris Miner, and “Circle Mama” Denise Holiday. Her RJ mentor is Ms. Janice Jerome of Atlanta, Georgia director of The Restorative Justice Institute of Atlanta. (The RJIA)