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Manor Independent School District

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Instructional and Related Services

Adaptive Physical Education 

This program is designed for eligible students with disabilities who cannot successfully participate in a regular physical education program. Adapted Physical Education is individualized and specially designed to address the needs of students with disabilities who require adaptations or modifications to be physically active, participate safely, and make progress toward Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Physical Education. The need for APE is based on student assessment with specific IEP goals and objectives.


Assistive Technoloy

Assistive technology enables students with disabilities to access the curriculum, increase independence and participate actively in education and life activities. Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the function capabilities of an individual with disabilities.


Audiological Services

The identification of students with hearing loss by a licensed audiologist in order to determine the need for services and supports (i.e. amplification devices, auditory training).


Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and psychological services provide guidance and support in the school environment to address behavioral, emotional or social difficulties.


In-Home and Parent Training

In-Home/Parent Training (IH/PT) is a collaboration between school and home to build students’ and parents’ skills so that student progress can be generalized and maintained within home and community settings.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services support the development of skills relevant to the educational setting in the areas of fine motor, self-care, and sensory processing. OT can also support the use of adaptive equipment or assistive technology.


Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility services include aids, methods, services, and skills development to enable students with a visual impairment to move from one place to another with safety and purpose in their environment.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services are provided to support a student’s ability to access and participate in their educational program and to support the development of relevant skills in the areas of gross motor, self-care and mobility. PT can also support the use of adaptive equipment.


School Health Services

School Health Services includes the monitoring of student health conditions based on physician orders and/or implications in the school setting. (i.e. medication administration, gastrostomy tube feeding, or care in urgent situations).


Speech Therapy 

School-based speech therapy is an instructional service that supports the educational program for students who have a disorder in communication in one or more of the following areas: articulation, language, voice, or fluency (stuttering) that adversely affects the student’s educational performance.


Transportation Services

Special transportation services are provided when necessary to implement a student’s educational program due to centralized placement, safety factors, and/or the need for special equipment.


Visual Impairment Services

Visual Impairment Services are provided to children from birth through age twenty-two, who have been identified as visually impaired. The unique needs of the child with visual impairment are addressed for children of all developmental levels.

Services for students with a visual impairment include, but are not limited to, the use of braille and large print, optical devices, screen-reading software, organizational skills and aspects of the expanded core curriculum. Instructional materials that complement course-content and classroom activities are provided, along with consultative services that address accommodations and modifications to classroom activities.