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Homebound Services

When Is A Referral For Homebound Services Made?
A referral to the appropriate homebound committee should be made by a campus administrator upon becoming aware of a request or need for homebound services. The campus administrator may become aware of a possible need for homebound services in a number of ways, including but not limited to: scheduled surgeries; parent request for homebound; and/or input from staff (for example the student’s teacher, school nurse, attendance clerk, or other school personnel) with knowledge of situations that might suggest homebound (such as excessive absences, extended illness, chronic health condition, etc.). Campus staff should immediately notify the campus administrator of any parent request for homebound services and of any other knowledge that indicates the possible need for homebound services.

Qualifications Required For Homebound Services

All students who are referred for homebound instruction must reside within or be enrolled in the Manor Independent School District. Students will remain enrolled at the campus the student attended at the time the student became eligible for homebound services, or if the student was not previously enrolled in the Manor ISD but resides within the District, the student will be required to enroll in his or her home campus. A student who is enrolled in the Manor ISD will continue to receive instructional services from the campus attended prior to referral to homebound services until eligibility and services for homebound are determined by the applicable homebound committee.

Students must qualify for homebound services. Any student who is served through the homebound program must meet the following three criteria:

  • The student is expected to be confined at home or hospital bedside for a minimum of 4 weeks (the weeks need not be consecutive.)
  • The student is confined at home or hospital bedside for medical reasons
  • The student’s medical condition is documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States.