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Manor Independent School District

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Manor ISD CTE Programs Of Study


  • Within each Career Cluster, courses are further divided into Programs of Study (POS).  
  • Each POS offers the opportunity for students to earn an endorsement in Business and Industry, Public Services, and/P-TECH or STEM. 
  • Project Lead The Way (PLTW) specific programs of study will be indicated in the course choice descriptions.
  • CTE Completer: A student who earns 4 or more credits  by completing  3 or more CTE courses within the same program of study.

Business & Industry Endorsement

  • Animal Science/Veterinary (MHS/MSHS)
  • Applied Agricultural Engineering/Welding (MHS/MSHS)
  • Plant Science/Floral (MHS/MSHS)
  • Architecture and Construction (MHS/MSHS)
  • Digital Communications (Audio/Video) (MHS/MSHS)
  • Graphic Design & Multimedia Arts (Graphics/Animation) (MHS/MSHS/MNTHS)
  • Business Marketing & Finance  (MHS/MSHS)
  • Carpentry/Construction Construction Management and Inspection (MHS/MSHS)
  • Culinary Arts (MHS/MSHS)
  • Web Development (MHS/MSHS)
  • Automotive (MHS/MSHS)
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Machinery Mechanics (MHS/MSHS)

Public Services Endorsement

  • Teaching and Training  (MHS/MSHS)
  • Health Science (MHS/MSHS)
  • Cosmetology and Personal Care Services (MHS/MSHS)
  • Law Enforcement (MHS/MSHS)

STEM Endorsement

  • Engineering/Robotics (PLTW) (MNTHS)
  • Cybersecurity (MNTHS)
  • Biomedical Science (PLTW) (MHS/MNTHS)
  • Biomedical Science- Biotechnology Focus  (PLTW) (MNTHS)