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Welcome to Manor ISD! We are a proud District of Innovation and a member of the Texas Education Agency's System of Great Schools Network!
Summer School & Programs 2018 » Breakthrough Central Texas Programs

Breakthrough Central Texas Programs


Breakthrough's Program is a long-term commitment (12 years) where students enroll in the Spring semester before their 6th grade year.

 Attendance/ Punctuality:

Our expectation Is that students are present and on time to every Breakthrough activity, except in case of illness or emergency. Since attendance is fundamental to fostering a strong Breakthrough community, a pattern of absences may lead to a parent conference and/or dismissal from our program.


Students should spend an hour a night of academic enrichment. Students will typically be assigned 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of homework. Our goal is to prepare Breakthrough students for the rigorous demands of higher education. A student with a pattern of missing homework will have opportunities during the day to complete assignments. Those opportunities may include a working lunch or time during other non-academic time. Homework and other academic habits will be discussed during family conferences.

 Dress for respect:

Please dress comfortably and appropriately. The following kinds of clothing or accessories are not acceptable:

  •     Items that advertise drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or other inappropriate messages.
  •    Items that do not appropriately cover the wearer’s body (for example, cropped shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, short shorts and short skirts.)
  • Expensive accessories like ipods, cell phones, video games, or other such items are not allowed.  Since they are both distracting and are at risk getting lost or stolen, we ask that they remain left at home or turned off and in student backpacks at all times. 



We hope you make long-lasting friendships while at Breakthrough. Romantic relationships, however, should be expressed elsewhere.

Eating healthily:

Breakthrough provides breakfast and lunch, and snacks while at the program. Students are not permitted to bring any outside food, snacks, or drink including sodas, candy, gum, chips, etc.

6th-8th Grade: June 18-July 27, 2018

9th Grade STEM Academy: June 18-July 27, 2018

10th Grade Leadership Institute: July 9-July 20, 2018

11th Grade Professional Experience Institute: June 12 & July 31-August 2, 2018

12th Grade College Application Institute: June 25-29 & July 23-27 


Meet  Your Teachers Day (6th-9th Grade)

Tuesday, June 12th 8 am-3 pm


Summer Program Contacts


Leslie Perkins, Summer Director 

Cell: (512) 653-0535


Sarah Perry, Chief Program Officer

Cell: (860) 874-2804


 Krystal Cantú Cossey, Summer Director

(512) 293-8272