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Bullying Resources » Bullying Process

Bullying Process

Administrators throughout the district follow each step below when they receive a bully report. 

Step OneIncident Report

·       The incident report must go to the assistant principal or principal for investigation


Step TwoNotify All Parents

·       Call the parents of the student who reported being bullied

·       Call the parents of all students reported bullying

·       Tell parents you will contact them once the investigation is complete


Step ThreeInvestigate

·       Refer to “Bullying Definition”


Step FourDocument findings

·       Enter record in Eduphoria under Aware| Student| Forms for the person that is reportedly being bullied.

·       Enter a record in Eduphoria under Aware| Student |Forms for all parties accused of doing the bullying

·       Clearly document all findings in the records

·       Email the appropriate AP to notify them of a pending Bullying Referral


Step Five—Determination/Actions

·       If it is determined that was NOT a bullying incident, go to Step 7

·       If it determined that it WAS a bullying incident go to Step 6


Step Six—Bullying

·       Issue consequences

·       Establish no contact contract

·       Refer all students to the counselor (counselor will document intervention through Skyward)


Step SevenNotify all parents of findings by phone and in writing