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Free Prekindergarten Eligibility Criteria

Free Prekindergarten Eligibility Criteria


In order to participate in Manor ISD’s free three-year-old or four-year-old prekindergarten program, children must be three or four-years-old on or before September 1, 2019.

Children must also meet one of the following criteria set by the Texas Education Agency:

• Unable to speak and comprehend the English language

• Economically disadvantaged (based on free or reduced-price lunch program)

• Homeless

• Children of active duty member of the armed forces of the United States or injured or killed while serving on active duty

• Foster care


If you meet one of the eligibility requirements, please register your child here


Please contact your neighborhood campus with questions, or the early childhood department at (512) 278-4186.

Maeloisa Morales, Principal

Eric Johnson, Assistant Principal


Patricia Chavez, Sr. Administrative

Janet Ward, Counselor 

Stella Castro, Attendance

Jenifer Saenz, Registrar

Angel DeLuna, Principal 

Danthia Joyce, Sr. Administrative 

Camela Guyton, Assistant Principal 

Eve Houck, Counselor 

Stela Ybarra, Attendance

Monica King-Cruz, Registrar

Malaki Hawkins, Principal

Lauren Manker, Sr. Administrative

Elma Hernandez, Attendance 

Claudia Martin-de-Nicolas, AP 

Tabitha Gaylor, Counselor

Porcelin Sandoval, Registrar

Araceli Soliz, Principal 

Olga Salazar, Sr. Administrative

Denise Deckard, Assistant Principal 

Dominique Kohl, Counselor

Maria Huerta, Attendance Clerk

Dora Negrete, Registrar

*Oak Meadows Pre-K Center

Nichole Aguirre, Director of Early Childhood/PreK Center

Marlen Gonzalez, EC Specialist/Registrar

Sori Nunez, Attendance Clerk

Phone: (512) 278-4186



Eddwina Flowers, Principal

Zeddie Harris, Sr. Administrative

Patricia Carrello, Assistant Principal

Jenny Carter, Counselor

Irene Johnson, Attendance Clerk

Brianne Castro, Registrar

LaNica Failey, Principal-

Helen Ellis, Sr. Administrative

Kellen Segura, Assistant Principal

Jennifer Onibudo, Counselor 

Veronica Villeda, Attendance Clerk 

Jose Mendez, Registrar 

Niccole Delestre, Principal

Laura Perez, Sr. Administrative

Denise Deckard & Quintina Glidon Assistant Principals

Kristen Turpin, Counselor 

Gina Fuentes, Attendance Clerk

Rebecca Rodriquez, Registrar

Brandon Powell, Principal

Norma Franco, Sr. Administrative

Isaac Becerra, Assistant Principal

Nancy Brown Counselor 

Estella Wash, Attendance Clerk

Nancy Gonzalez, Registrar

*All PreK Students attend the Oak Meadows PreK Center. 




Updated April 9, 2019