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Welcome to Manor ISD! We are a proud District of Innovation and a member of the Texas Education Agency's System of Great Schools Network!

Your Child's Account

Your Child's Account
Lunch Money Now is a program that allows parents to access their child’s cafeteria account via the internet. This access will provide the parent with the ability to do several things including checking the student’s balance, viewing the student’s purchase history, and making deposits to the child’s lunch money account using a credit card. Parents are also able to subscribe for email warnings when their child's account dips below a specified threshold reminding the parent that their child's balance needs attention.  The credit card deposits are made using a secure transaction site and are typically available within 30 minutes of the transaction during the regular school day. You can make deposits to multiple accounts with the same credit card transaction.
To create an account, click on the Lunch Money Now link and follow the instructions. You will need an email account and three types of identification: Student ID, Social Security Number and a birth date.

Please Note: There is a $2.50 convenience fee per transaction. 

You can also pre-pay for meals using one of the other following methods:
  • Check – list student ID number(s) or students full name in the memo area, make payable to Manor Food and Nutrition Services
  • Cash – in an envelope, list student ID number(s) or students full name
Please remember to pre-pay on your child's account to expedite the lunch time process.
You can use the above methods to pay for more than one student with one easy payment. Just be sure to indicate the multiple student ID numbers or names and how much money should be credited to each account. This system will allow students access to their account from any serving line in the district.
Pin Numbers - Special pin numbers may now be assigned to a student’s account to ensure security. To acquire a pin number, please contact the Food and Nutrition Services office at (512) 278-4080.
ID Numbers - Students in grades 4-12 may obtain ID number information from the school or by calling the Food and Nutrition Services office. Students in grade PreK-3 will be provided with a coded lunch card they can find on a board in the school cafeteria. The cards will be organized by grade/teacher.