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Welcome to Manor ISD! We are a proud District of Innovation and a member of the Texas Education Agency's System of Great Schools Network!

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps do I take if I need to be ABSENT? - All new teachers will need to register through the online AESOP system to secure a substitute teacher due to an absence. Register through prior to requesting a substitute. Further, employees requiring a substitute must also enter their leave request in Employee Access through Skyward, as well as AESOP. If you forget your AESOP login information, please contact the Substitute Specialist at  in advance to report an absence. If your position DOES NOT require a substitute, then you will only enter your leave request/absence through Employee Access in Skyward. 


Which Compliance Videos do I need to view and when? - Blood-borne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment and Child Abuse video training will be offered before and/or after the school year begins. All employees must complete this training annually.


Where can I view my  personal Employment Information? - Employee access is available for your convenience to retrieve personal employment information 24/7 at by logging into Skyward.


How long is my Employment Contract? - Professional employees new to MISD are placed on a probationary status during the first year of employment.  The probationary period for those who have been employed in public schools for at least five of the last eight years proceeding employment with MISD is one year.  For those with less experience, the probationary period is usually three years, with an optional fourth year if the employee/district agrees to do so.  Contracts are issued after board approval. All non-contract employees will receive a letter of reasonable assurance in lieu of a contract.


Do I have to be Fingerprinted? - YES. An employee cannot begin employment without being fingerprinted. Working without being fingerprinted is a violation under Texas Education Code.


Who is our Health Insurance carrier? How much does MISD contribute? And are there other supplemental insurances? - The District’s health insurance carrier is the State TRS-ActiveCare: ActiveCare 1-HD, ActiveCare 2, ActiveCare Select (PPO), or Scott and White (HMO). You are offered health insurance upon active employment by our Human Resources Department.  You may enroll yourself and dependents at this time.  Manor ISD contributes up to $354.00 per month towards health premiums for employee coverage.  First Financial Group of America assists the district with enrollment of optional benefits offered (dental, life, disability and other optional benefits).


When is Payday- Manor ISD employees are paid on the 15th of the month, unless the 15th is on a weekend or holiday and then they are paid the last workday prior to the 15th.  You may access your salary information on Skyward’s Employee Access. 


Who do I contact if I have a Payroll Question? - Contact the Business Office for employment verification, payroll information, and/or leave balances


Do my Personal Leave days transfer from my previous district? And does MISD award leave days also?   - State Personal days will be transferable from the previous school district provided by official documentation from the employee’s service record.  Manor ISD awards 5 days of local personal leave and 5 days of state personal leave for full-time employees.  Part-time employees, receive 2.5 local leave days and 2.5 state leave days.  State and Personal Leave will be prorated for employees hired less than the 100% of assigned calendar days.  The employee has the option to select the order of leave to be used.  If an option is not selected then the Local Personal leave days will be deducted first, followed by state leave.  All employees must report their leave in Employee Access in Skyward prior to an absence. For discretionary leave, a 3 day notice is required and must be approved by the immediate supervisor.


What is Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)?- This training is required for all new teachers who will be evaluated with the T-Tess system. If you are new to the district, but have already attended a T-Tess training, you are required to provide a training certificate or a T-Tess acknowledgment form with your signature indicating that you have received training.


What if I want to submit a Workers’ Compensation request?- Any employee injured on the job in any capacity must contact his/her principal/supervisor or campus health care provider immediately. A workers’ compensation (First Report of Injury) must be completed the day of the injury.  The campus nurse or department contact will document the date, time, and location of the injury through the online injury report system at  All injuries need to be reported to our Risk Management Coordinator at before medical treatment is received, if possible.  If you seek medical treatment and use your health insurance card for WC injuries, you may find it difficult to be reimbursed by the District’s Workers’ Compensation Carrier.  Employees must notify the Risk Management Coordinator if an absent occurs due to the injury.  Injury reports must be completed immediately upon the employee’s return to work, if unable to complete prior to treatment.