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Health Conditions

Food Allergies/Anaphylaxis
Food allergies can be life threatening. The risk of accidental exposure to foods can be reduced in the school setting if schools work with students, parents, and physicians to minimize risks and provide a safe educational environment for food-allergic students.  Please notify campus staff if your student has a history or risk of anaphylaxis.  Information and MISD protocol is available at your student’s campus and included in the attachments below.  


The state requires that PreK 4 year olds and students in grades 1, 3, 5 and 7 be screened for vision and hearing difficulties. Also, all new students to the district will be screened.

In addition, the campus nurses screen for the state required Acanthosis Nigricans, a skin marker for Type 2 Diabetes.

Scoliosis screenings are done yearly for 6th and 9th graders. If a follow-up is recommended, a letter will be sent home.