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Diverse Paths to Success. Destination Manor.
Welcome to Manor ISD! We are a proud District of Innovation and a member of the Texas Education Agency's System of Great Schools Network!
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MAP Instructional Focus

MAP Instructional Focus

The school day at MAP begins at 9 AM ends at 4:30 PM every day


Daily Assignments

  • Students will complete assignments submitted from their Home Campus Teachers through Google Classroom, Edgenuity, or ECHO.  
  • Students will have access to a computer to complete their assignments.  
  • The MAP teacher will administer all district CFA’s and CBA’s
  • Students will receive interventions based on data from the STAAR/EOC, or other data sources in Eduphoria and Skyward

Sending Us Student Work

  • At the moment of the MAP Placement for a student, the Home Campus Administrator will email the student's teachers.
  • Home Campus Teachers will send work to MAP through Google Classroom, Edgenuity, or ECHO.  
  • Elective Teachers, if your class cannot be completed using the above options, please contact your campus administrator and district director (if applicable) to develop a summer school solution for the student.  Be sure if the student participates in special programs that the related case manager and coordinators are also collaborated with.  
  • Send enough work for your subject for 300 minutes each week.  Classes are 1-hour long each day.
If you want to send supplementary assignments or school work for interventions (not for a grade), please add it to your Google Classroom, Edgenuity, or ECHO and note as such.


  • Home Campus Teachers will be the response for all grades (except when MAP staff are required to administer an assessment - at which the MAP staff would grade or return the work to be graded.)
  • The MAP campus will email Home Campus Teachers each week regarding each student's academic
Embedded Interventions