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Candiate Information

Election Day:  November 5, 2024 

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Manor ISD School Board of Trustees.  This packet has been prepared to help you with the filing process.  In this packet you will find a list of important dates regarding the election as well as the required forms for filling.  A complete election calendar may be found on the Secretary of State website.

All election documents which are required filings are considered public records and may be viewed as such by reporters, the public and opponents. 

It is the duty of the candidate to become familiar with the applicable law regarding campaigns for office. The duty of Manor ISD is limited to accepting and filing the reports and noting the date received. 

Interested candidates may file for a place on the ballot from June 20, 2024 through August 19, 2024.  Completed Candidate Applications may be delivered in person, mailed through the US Postal Service, emailed or faxed.  All completed applications with notary must be received by the filing deadline, August 19, 2024 at 5 p.m. 

  • Filing in person or by mail:  Manor ISD Administration Bldg., 13305 US HWY 290 E., Manor, TX  78653. 
  • Filing by email:

The district will be closed on Friday, July 26th. The office hours are Monday-Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

Drawing for the Order on the Ballot, if needed, will be scheduled for the following week at the Manor ISD Administration Bldg. 

Candidate Qualifications (see Texas Election Code 141.001) 

  • US Citizen
  • 18 years of age or older

  • Resided continuously in the state for 12 months prior to the filing deadline

  • Resided continuously in the school district for 6 months prior to filing deadline

  • Must be a registered voter in territory elected from prior to the filing deadline

  • No final felony conviction

  • No final judgment indicating:  Totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote

Additional information may be obtained from:
Office of Secretary of State Election Division 
P. O. Box 12060 
Austin, TX  78711-2060
1- 800-252-8683

Texas Ethics Commission 201 East 14th St.,10th Floor 
P. O. Box 12070 
Austin, TX  78711-2070 
512-463-5800 or 800-325-8506

Manor ISD Board Candidate Application Packet

Prospective Board Member Information

Role of the Board

  • Adopts comprehensive district goals
  • Adopts Board policies

  • Hires and evaluates the superintendent

  • Adopts budget and sets the tax rate

  • Builds public support and represents the District to the public

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Board members represent all citizens of a district (elected at-large; no single-member districts).
  • The Board has authority only as a body – not as individuals.

  • The Board does not get involved in the day-to-day operations of the District. That is the Superintendent’s role to manage.

  • Board members are not paid for their service.

  • Board members are elected officials.

Eligibility Requirements 

A Board Member must: 

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be 18 or older.
  • Not have been determined by a court to be mentally incapacitated.

  • Not have a felony conviction.

  • Have resided continuously in the state for twelve (12) months and the District for Six (6) months immediately preceding the filing deadline.

  • Satisfy any other eligibility requirements prescribed by law for the office.

  • Be a qualified voter at the time of filing.

Service Commitments

  • 4-YEAR term (staggered)
  • Monthly Board Meetings/Workshops
  • Attendance at District Events

Required Training

  • Open Meetings Act (1-2 hours within 90 days)
  • Local District Orientation (3 hours within 120 days)
  • Texas Education Code (3 hours within 120 days and following each legislative session)
  • Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes (3 hours within 120 days)
  • Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Other Maltreatment of Children (1 hour within 120 days)
  • School Safety (2 hours within 120 days)
  • Cybersecurity (1 hour annually)
  • Team of 8 Team-Building Session (3 hours annually)
  • Additional Required Training (10 hours during first year; 5 hours annually thereafter)


Step 1: Appoint a Treasurer

  • A candidate MUST appoint a treasurer and file the appropriate treasurer form, regardless of whether that candidate intends to collect campaign funds. Download the printable form.
  • A candidate cannot legally accept a contribution (even his or her own money) until a campaign treasurer has been named and the form has been filed.
  • Treasurer must be appointed before officially filing for a place on the ballot.

NOTE: There is no fee required to run for the school board.

Ethical Campaigning

Once you have decided to run for the school board, follow these general practices to ensure you conduct your campaign ethically:

  • Focus attention on issues and avoid attacking or finding fault in individuals—either opponents or District employees.
  •  Prepare for campaigning by becoming familiar with the issues in your district.
  • Be sure facts used in your campaign are accurate.
  • Keep your focus on what you would like to see happen in your district.
  • Avoid making promises that you as an individual cannot keep without board support.

These practices will not only demonstrate your leadership to the community, but will also help you establish a positive foundation for working with other school board members and administrators if you do get elected to serve. After all, since school board members have authority only as a corporate body, not as individuals, this cooperation is essential to accomplish any positive results for your district.

Ethics for School Board Members

As a member of the Board, I shall promote the best interests of the District as a whole and, to that end, shall adhere to the following ethical standards:

Equity in attitude

  • I will be fair, just, and impartial in all my decisions and actions.
  • I will accord others the respect I wish for myself.
  • I will encourage expressions of different opinions and listen with an open mind to others' ideas.

Trustworthiness in stewardship

  • I will be accountable to the public by representing District policies, programs, priorities and progress accurately.
  • I will be responsive to the community by seeking its involvement in District affairs and by communicating its priorities and concerns.
  • I will work to ensure prudent and accountable use of District resources.
  • I will make no personal promise or take private action that may compromise my performance of my responsibilities.

Honor in conduct

  • I will tell the truth.
  • I will share my views while working for consensus.
  • I will respect the majority decision as the decision of the Board.
  • I will base my decisions on fact rather than supposition, opinion, or public favor.

Integrity of character

  • I will refuse to surrender judgment to any individual or group at the expense of the District as a whole.
  • I will consistently uphold all applicable laws, rules, policies, and governance procedures.
  • I will keep confidential information that is privileged by law or that will needlessly harm the District if disclosed.

Commitment to service

  • I will focus my attention on fulfilling the Board's responsibilities of goal setting, policymaking, and evaluation.
  • I will diligently prepare for and attend Board meetings.
  • I will seek continuing education that will enhance my ability to fulfill my duties effectively.

Student-centered focus

  •  I will be continuously guided by what is best for all students of the District.
Important Deadlines
  • July 20, 2024 - August 19, 2024 Filing Period for Tuesday, November 5, 2024 Election

On the Ballot:

  • Place 5 (incumbent Temeika Durden)
  • Place 6 (incumbent Monique Celedon)
  • Place 7 (incumbent Janie Guerrero)

This comprehensive guide is geared toward school board candidates and those thinking about running for a local school board. It provides information about the general roles and responsibilities of the board, ethical campaigning, and a summary of election laws of which candidates need to be aware. Also included are resources for more detailed information about campaign finance, reporting requirements, and election advertising guidelines. The guide is a great bargain for any citizen interested in local school governance.

Laura Perez
Executive Assistant to the Board

New Board Member Training Requirements (First year of service)
Your First Week

Conflict of interest disclosure

File a conflict of interest disclosure form within your first week (if applicable). These requirements are ongoing and apply to all school officials as defined by state law and district policy.

  • Form CIS: File Form CIS from the Texas Ethics Commission website, with your district's records administrator (often the superintendent’s secretary) if any of the following apply:
    • Within the last year, you or your first-degree family member have received taxable income of more than $2,500, or gift(s) with a value of more than $100, from a school district vendor.

    • You have a family relationship within the third degree of relation to a school district vendor. See TASB Policy BBFA (LEGAL), (LOCAL).*

  • Form CIQ: If you own, or are a representative of, an entity that does business with the district, you must also complete and file the vendor’s questionnaire Form CIQ with your district’s records administrator (pdf from the Texas Ethics Commission website). See TASB Policy CHE (LEGAL).*

  • Other disclosures: Other disclosures may be required of trustees in your district by state law or local policy. See TASB Policies BBFA (LEGAL) and (LOCAL).* If you are not sure what laws apply to your district, contact an attorney.

In Your First Two Weeks

Form to withhold personal information
​Complete a form to withhold personal information—like your home address, phone number, emergency contact information, and family information—from the district’s response to a request for public information. See TASB Policy GBA (LEGAL).*

TASB Resources
Receive introduction to TASB resources and set up your TASB login.

In Your First 90 Days

Open Meetings Act training
You must attend one to two hours of Open Meetings Act (OMA) training, per Tex. Gov’t Code § 551.005. Options for OMA resources and training:

TASB Legal Services School Law eSource has online resources about the Texas Open Meetings Act.

The TASB Online Learning Center (OLC) offers an online OMA training that is customized for school board members.

The Texas Attorney General also offers free online OMA training that is available to all governmental bodies.

Public Information Act training (if applicable)
If it’s required by your local policy, you’ll also need to attend one to two hours of Public Information Act (PIA) training. Board member training on the PIA is recommended but not required if the district has delegated responsibility for the training to the superintendent or other administrator in TASB Policy BBD (LOCAL), per Tex. Gov’t Code § 552.012. See TASB Policies BBD (LEGAL) and (LOCAL).*

Before the End of Your First 120 Days

Local orientation
If you haven’t attended a local orientation, make sure you receive orientation to your local district policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, an introduction to the following:

Current school board policy manual and any operating procedures

Policies governing board meetings and trustee responsibilities in policy manual Section B on Governance

District goals and priorities

District’s budget calendar and process for board adoption of budget and tax rate

Superintendent evaluation instrument and process

Texas Education Code orientation
Attend a three-hour orientation on the Texas Education Code delivered by your regional education service center. See TASB Policy BBD(LEGAL).*

Evaluating student academic performance training
Attend a three-hour session on evaluating student academic performance and setting individual campus goals for early childhood literacy and mathematics and college, career and military readiness from your regional education service center or authorized provider. See TASB Policy BBD(LEGAL).*

Identifying and reporting child abuse
Attend a one-hour training session on identifying and reporting potential victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other maltreatment of children from a registered provider. See TASB Policy BBD(LEGAL).*

School Safety​​​

Attend an online course that provides trustees with research-based information on ensuring a safe learning environment that is conducive to improving student outcomes.

By the End of Your First Year

It doesn’t end with the first 120 days. Before your whirlwind first year is over, make sure you do the following:

Team-building and continuing education needs assessment
Participate in a team-building session and assessment of continuing education needs with the rest of your district board of trustees and your superintendent.

Cybersecurity training
At least once each year board members must complete a cybersecurity training program from a state-certified provider or by your district. See TASB Policies CQB (LEGAL) and (LOCAL).

10 hours of additional continuing education
You’ll need to attend at least 10 hours of additional continuing education, based on assessed needs and state-adopted Framework for School Board Development. Please note:

The one to two hours of Open Meetings Act training, and the one to two hours of Public Information Act training if required by local policy, count toward this requirement.The required 10 hours may be fulfilled through online instruction, provided the training is designed and offered by a registered provider, incorporates interactive activities that assess learning and provide feedback to the learner, and offers an opportunity for interaction with the instructor. See TASB Policy BBD (LEGAL).* For more information, visit the TASB Online Learning Center (OLC). (You can access the OLC using your TASB login or create an account.) Also in the OLC, don't miss the New Board Member Launch and Top Ten Things to Know packages. 

* To access any policies referenced in this section, see your district’s website for a link to your district’s localized policy manual through Policy On Line®.


Important Deadlines

July 20, 2024 - August 19, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.  -  Filing Period for Tuesday, November 5, 2024 Election

On the Ballot:

  • Place 5 (incumbent Temeika Durden)
  • Place 6 (incumbent Monique Celedon)
  • Place 7 (incumbent Janie Guerrero)


MISD Trustee Candidate Packet

Application Packet