• Employee Complaints/Grievances are filed by employees. Policy DGBA (Local) references the procedure for filing a grievance.

    Employee Complaint/Grievance Level One Form

    Employee Complaint/Grievance Level Two Form

    Employee Complaint/Grievance Level Three Form

    Parent and/or Student Complaints/Grievances are filed by parents and/or students. Policy FNG (Local) references the procedures for filing a complaint.

    Parent/Student Complaint/Grievance Level One Form

    Parent/Student Complaint/Grievance Level Two Form

    Parent/Student Complaint/Grievance Level Three Form

    Public Complaints/Grievances regarding the district's policies, procedures, or operations are referenced in Policy GF (Local).

    Public Complaint/Grievance Level One Form

    Public Complaint/Grievance Level Two Form

    Public Complaint/Grievance Level Three Form

    Submit all grievances to the Human Capital Risk Management Coordinator, victoria.henderson@manorisd.net

    Procedures for Complaints/Grievances

    First Step:

    Whenever feasible,complaints/grievances should be resolved at the level closest to the concern.

    Informal Resolution:

    From the date the complainant/grievant knew or should have known of the concern, there is a 15-day period during which the complainant/grievant must inform the employee's supervisor/principal of the concern and attempt an informal resolution. If there is no informal resolution after 15 days, no later than the 15the day from the date the complainant/grievant knew or should have known of the concern, the complainant/grievant must be filed. If the complaint/grievance is filed after the 15th day, it is untimely and shall be considered concluded.

    Second Step:

    Level I Immediate Supervisor/Principal:

    The employee/parent or student shall describe in the initial Level I complaint/grievance the efforts made towards informal resolution of the complaint/grievance If the supervisor/principal determines that the employee/parent or student has not made a good faith effort to resolve the complaint/grievance informally, the supervisor/principal, in writing, may reject the complaint/grievance, instruct the employee/complainant to seek informal resolution, and set a new date for filing of the complaint/grievance if the supervisor/principal determines that the employee/complainant has not made a good faith effort to informally resolve the complaint/grievance.

    Third Step:

    Level II Superintendent's Designee:

    The employee/complainant may appeal the Level I decision by filing an appeal with the Superintendent or Superintendent's designee within ten days after the receipt of the response at Level I.

    Final Step:

    Level III Board of Trustees:

    The employee/complainant may appeal the Level II decision to the Board at the next available regularly scheduled Board meeting by filing a Level III appeal within ten days after receipt of the Level II response.