Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Helena Isabel BullaAcevedo

I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, South America. I lived in California for about forty years, and I moved to Austin, TX about four years ago. I am fortunate to belong to a family of teachers, since my father used to be a Philosophy professor and my mother a music teacher; my three siblings are in the education profession too. Nowadays, two out of my three children have become teachers! I am certified in Early Childhood Education from the Orange County Community College. I have a Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Spanish and a Master's degree in Education with Emphasis on curriculum and instruction, both from Chapman University, Orange, California. I also have a certificate in Child Protection and Children's Rights from Harvard University. I taught in California for about thirty years teaching children in elementary, teaching at Fullerton Community College, and I worked for the Department of Education of Orange County teaching and preparing teachers to become bilingual certified. Currently, I hold a teaching credential from the State of California and a Life Bilingual Certificate also from the State of California.
Children are my passion, they are wonderful human beans ready to love and to be loved. They are innocent people who accept anybody in their lives with no judgement. I enjoy having them around, and I know I can make a difference in their lives. Therefore, I am still insisting on teaching.
My philosophy of teaching is very democratic. My students have a voice and ownership in their classroom. We all make decisions and solve problems together. I teach them the values of respect, responsibility, and honesty daily before I get into academics. They understand that those values come from our heart's love, and that those values are to be shown throughout the day. They also understand that they have the right to ask questions, the right to complain, to cry, to be tired, to express sadness or happiness. And most importantly, they are learning that they are to be treated with dignity! My ultimate goal is to be able to instill in each of my students' hearts the seed of learning and to build a strong structure of values, so that they can become good citizens of the world. 

phone: 512-278-4250