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  • Due to overwhelming interest in our summer academies, we have had to close registration a few days early. Our summer academies are completely full. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. 


    Debido al gran interés en nuestras academias de verano, hemos tenido que cerrar la inscripción unos días antes. Nuestras academias de verano están completamente llenas. Lamentamos las molestias que esto pueda ocasionarle.



    Young Experts Elementary PBL Camps


    Kindergarten - 2nd grade

    Adventures in Science - Scholars will be exposed to all the concepts in the safety net science standards for Kindergarten and 1st Grade through a routinized day.  The final days of the course will involve creating a presentation to share their knowledge with others. (Science & Math focus)

    3rd - 5th Grade

    Tiny House - Scholars will design and build a model of a tiny house for a client.  The final product will be a presentation about their product and process, including: budget, design considerations, problems encountered, etc. (Math focus)

    Tranquil Toys - Scholars will learn about children in need of calming toys, such as sensory/fidget toys, in their community, e.g. kids in a local hospital/waiting rooms at doctors, dentists, or occupational therapists/courthouse, etc. They will learn about the properties of matter, conservation of matter, and chemical and physical reactions, and they will use their knowledge to create the correct amount of flubber/silly putty or another tactile, sensory toy.  They will donate their toys, along with an entertaining narrative picture book about the adventures of their toy. (Science and SEL focus)

    Elementary Literacy Camps

    K-2 Rising Literacy Stars

    The Literacy camp will be focused on developing reading fluency through engaging with guided reading practice and fun summer book activities. Scholars will be grouped according to their skill level.

    3-5 Rising Literacy Stars

    The Literacy camp will be focused on developing reading fluency through engaging with guided reading practice and fun summer book activities. Scholars will be grouped according to their skill level.

    Math Camps

    Rising 5th and 6th Graders

    Academic Youth Development - In this math camp, scholars learn how their brains change as they learn, and experience how effective effort, collaboration, motivation, and self-management skills lead to academic success. Scholars will have daily opportunities to apply their new learning to engaging problems in mathematics that will prepare them for the upcoming grade level. 


    Young Experts PBL Secondary Camps

    EOC Re-testers may choose a PBL camp related to their EOC course and will be offered additional supports. Credit repair, recovery and acceleration will be available via Edgenuity. Please register for options!

    6th - 12th Grades

    Reading comprehension, investigative, argumentative, and persuasive skills will scaffold projects to the completion of a final product which will be a resource to the community.

    Book Society- Scholars will do a deep dive of a novel on a daily basis, both independently and through a teacher-led reading workshop. Scholars will answer comprehension questions and engage in various creative responses to the reading, and the final product will be an analysis of the novel and how its theme connects to parallels in real life. The publication can be physical or virtual (multimedia).(Reading focus)

    Financial Literacy for Me - Scholars will investigate career paths they are interested in and apply budgeting, interest rates,and payment plans to their projected financial needs and interests. 

    Put the FUN in Fundraising- Scholars develop fundraising plans for special causes, the costs, items needed, and event planning that can raise money in their community.

    Fitness & Finesse Plan: Scholars  will design a fitness plan and  perform a "Warm-Up" and stretching before all exercising as well as a "Cool-Down to prevent injury and increase flexibility.

    Students' personal physical fitness workouts will include all parts of physical fitness.

    They will explain the F.I.T.T. Principle in exercise.

    Food Security Mission: Scholars  will design a community garden proposal for the MISD School Board utilizing a vacant lot in the local community and addressing a designated food desert in the community.  In order for the scholars to gain a deeper understanding of the garden design process, they will design and cultivate a school garden as a prototype to inform their proposal audience.


    TSI Camp 

    ACC is excited to announce another TSI Camp opportunity for any of your current 9th-11th graders who are interested in Dual Credit courses with ACC. The HS Programs Summer 2021 TSI Camp will be held virtually during the week on June 28 - July 2nd with virtual camp meetings on Monday - Thursday from 9am-1pm and then Exit TSI-A testing on Friday morning during that week. This summer's TSI Camp provides students with two different options as there is an ELAR camp (focusing on Reading & Writing) and a Math camp (focusing solely on Math). Students will simply select which camp they would like to attend & be considered for as part of the Camp Application linked on the attached postcard and here. Please share this exciting opportunity with any interested students and encourage them to apply ASAP so that we can connect with them regarding the application & enrollment process for the TSI Camp.

    Asynchronous Challenges - ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE!

    iReady Math Challenges  (iReady en Español) for K-8th grades- practice your math skills through fun and engaging activities that can travel with you! 

    Remote Credit Recovery for High School courses. More information and FAQ's are answered here

    MyOn Challenge 

    Monthly Summer Minute Goals 

    Kinder -1st 400 Monthly Minutes (20 Min/day)

    2nd- 3rd  800 Monthly Minutes (40 Min/ day)

    4th - 5th 1200 Monthly Minutes (60 Min/day)




    Application to the Elementary STEM Camp (current 1st - 4th Graders)

    Application to the MS Transition STEM Camp (current 5th Graders)

    Application to the MS Robotics STEM Camp (current 6th - 8th Graders)


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