• Manor ISD Staff:

    Our benefits plan year begins on September 1st of each year.  The 2022-2023 benefit year began on September 1, 2022.  Please take a moment to review your pay stub in Skyward Employee Access to ensure that benefits and deductions are correct.  Attached is a Q&A PDF that will provide helpful information. 

    Manor ISD's third party administrator for benefits is First Financial Group of America (FFGA).  Information regarding supplemental benefits can be viewed on the FFGA Employee Benefits Center at, https://ffbenefits.ffga.com/manorisd/2022-23-plan-year/.  Should you have questions regarding supplemental benefits, you may reach the account manager with FFGA, Mr. Cody Tarver at 903-258-4728 and/or cody.tarver@ffga.com