Meet the Team

  • Officer Bretfelean   

    Cristian Bretfelean, Police Officer II |

    Assignment: Investigations 

    Officer Bretfelean had this to say about working at Manor ISD Police Department:

    "I believe that a successful SRO program is a partnership between the police department and the community. When I saw that Manor ISD decided to create a police department, I immediately wanted to be a part of building that partnership between law enforcement and the students, educators, and community at large. 

    It is my personal goal to provide a safe educational environment for both students and educators by providing professional police services and building a positive school-police relationship."

    Officer Diver  

    Albert Diver, Police Officer II |

    Assignment: New Tech Middle School

    When the Manor ISD Police Department was created, Officer Diver saw the great potential and opportunity this offered to work with Manor ISD scholars. Officer Diver is a firm believer that the Manor ISD Police Department works for nothing less than the benefit and success of the district staff and its scholars just as the district staff work for nothing less than the benefit and success of its scholars.

    Together, while serving the district and its scholars, Officer Diver is confident the Manor ISD Police Department will continue to build on the trust of the district and its communities while providing a safe and secure environment for all students.

    Officer Dudley

    Stephen Dudley, Police Officer II |

    Assignment: Manor Senior High School

    Officer Dudley joined the Manor ISD Police Department because it allows him to be a positive role model for future leaders. He said, “I love the opportunity to engage with youth as a police officer. I want to change the way youth and the community view police in today’s society, and this will be accomplished through mentoring, leading by example, and supporting young scholars to succeed in their life goals."

    Officer Dudley wants to build a connection with the community through police interactions at schools and public events. According to Officer Dudley, "It is important for the community to know that police officers are trustworthy, loyal, and committed to their wellbeing and safety. It’s my belief the trusting relationships that are gained inside of the school will overflow into the community and began to build a trusting bond between the community and the police."

    Officer Franklin

    Chris Franklin, Police Officer II |

    Assignment: Manor Middle School 

    Officer Franklin said this about working at Manor ISD Police Department:

    "I chose the Manor ISD Police Department because, after serving the Manor community the previous five years as a patrol officer with the City of Manor PD, I grew to love working in and serving the community. It is a blessing having this opportunity to work for Manor ISD. It allows me to not only be a part of a brand-new department and help it grow and thrive, but also help the younger generation in the community to grow into thriving, respectful members of this community. 

    I believe Manor ISD does a tremendous job with their community outreach, and I have enjoyed playing a small part with that. I look forward to becoming more involved and to continuing to build a connection with the community. I hope to begin a bicycle rodeo event to teach bicycle safety to the Manor ISD scholars and to provide new bicycles and helmets for some of the children who may be less fortunate." 

    Officer Shaw

    Dwayne Shaw, Police Officer II |

    Assignment: Manor High School

    Officer Shaw chose Manor ISD Police Department because many of the future leaders (students) come from challenging backgrounds, as he did. He said, "I feel that I will make a difference in their lives by working here. I look forward to the opportunity to be part of a committed team helping to provide a supportive and nurturing environment so that every future leader can achieve greatness, regardless of the challenges they may face."

    Officer Shaw added, "I will build a connection with the community by fulfilling the R in SRO. The R represents 'Resource.' Not only is the SRO a resource for the school and its future leaders (students) we also serve as a hub to connect future leaders to community resources. Also, we can connect in two other ways: 1) volunteering in the community 2) interacting with the community in non-law enforcement circumstances."

    Officer Subia

    Harold Subia, Police Officer II |

    Assignment: Decker Middle School 

    Officer Subia chose to work at Manor ISD Police Department because he wanted to work with a younger generation where we (law enforcement) and scholars can create a relationship built on trust and understanding.

    When asked how he would build a connection with the community, Corporal Subia said, “By creating connections with the scholars. By creating peace and understanding through successful communication throughout the community we serve."




    Clarence D. Yarbrough

    Clarence D. Yarbrough, Chief of Police |


    Candace Walch, Support Specialist |