Parent Expecations

  • At the MAP, all staff, scholars, parents/guardians, and guests are expected to operate under our values:

    • Respect
    • Student Success
    • Integrity
    • Responsibility
    • Accountability
    • Support


    Be sure you read and understand the Manor ISD DAEP Handbook:

    • I will model and support the campus values and beliefs
    • I will sign all of the necessary paperwork
    • I will support and encourage my student to participate in the academic and behavior interventions (i.e. tutoring, counseling, restorative practices, mentoring) are required for every student based on need.
    • I will work to bring my student in dress code each day.
    • I will review and support my student through the daily point card system to communicate with me concerning my student’s behavior.
    • I understand if I can’t be reached, for discipline or other emergencies, a message will be left and my child may be transported home.
    • I understand my student’s behavior, language, academics, and attendance will affect the length of their placement and at the discretion of the Principal, their placement can be adjusted.
    • I understand that no electronic devices are allowed on campus or on my student during their placement. A cell phone device return fee of $15 for confiscated technology/phones. Parent/Guardian pick up only.  The second violation may result in holding the device until the end of the placement.

Helpful Documents