• At the Travis County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program, the Counselor gathers input from teachers, administrators, and probation officers regarding the scholar's progress, areas of need, and recommendations for the future.

    These are the things discussed at the JJAEP transition meetings:

    • Discharge summary is read to all attendees.
    • Discuss the scholar's academic progress, attendance, behavior, interventions/supports, and recommendations for the home campus.
    • Scholar is encouraged to talk about what they’ve learned from the experience and their plans moving forward.
    • Home school representatives have an opportunity to ask questions of the scholar, parent, or JJAEP staff.
    • Scholar and parent have an opportunity to ask questions of the home school representative.
    • Discuss re-enrollment/transition procedures for the Scholar's return to the home campus/district.

    Withdrawing JJAEP Students

    1. Approximately one week prior to a student’s estimated completion date, a JJAEP staff member will contact the referring home school campus/district, parent(s)/guardian(s), and supervising probation officer to schedule a transition meeting.
    2. Transition meetings will take place in-person (as available) or by phone or video conference call (i.e., Zoom, Skype, etc.) prior to a student’s exit from the program.
    3. The JJAEP Team will prepare a discharge summary/transition plan, final grades, and attendance report and will email a copy to all stakeholders prior to the scheduled transition meeting.
    4. Electronic signatures may be used on any transition/discharge paperwork for meetings held remotely.
    5. The student will be officially withdrawn from the JJAEP on the next school day after their last attended day.
    6. Once a student has been withdrawn, the JJAEP will send an email to the referring school district’s liaison and PEIMS Coordinator to advise of the student’s withdrawal date.

    Early Termination of Expulsion/Early Withdrawal from JJAEP

    1. If a referring home school district wishes to have a student return to their home school prior to the completion of the student’s original expulsion order, the home school district must send written notice of termination of the expulsion order to Juv_JJAEP@traviscountytx.gov.
    2. If a referring home school district chooses to terminate an expulsion order early, the expulsion order cannot be reinstated and the student cannot return to JJAEP at a later date for the same expulsion reason/incident.
    3. If a student’s probation supervision terminates, or if the District Attorney or Court non-suits/dismisses the charge(s) relating to the reason for expulsion, during the period of expulsion, the Program Administrator will send an email to the referring school district’s liaison to advise that the student is no longer eligible for placement at JJAEP. The student will be withdrawn from JJAEP on the next school day following the day that the Program Administrator first became aware of a change in eligibility. A JJAEP staff member will contact all stakeholders to schedule a transition meeting for the student within three business days.

    Manor ISD Staff Invovlement

    1. MISD will ensure that representatives (i.e., campus administrator, counselor, Special Education teacher, etc.) from the student’s home school campus, as well as a representative from MAP (DAEP), will attend and participate in the JJAEP transition meeting.
    2. MISD staff will be responsible for documenting information gathered from the JJAEP team on the appropriate, designated MISD forms.
    3. MISD staff will ensure that the JJAEP transition plan and recommendations are taken into consideration and, if deemed appropriate, are carried out upon the student’s return to their home school campus.