Expectations 2
  • Staying on top of your Edgenuity courses is of high priority! Here at Manor Excel Academy, you are expected to complete 15% of each scheduled class per week. Many students prefer to work on only one Edgenuity course at a time unitl it's complete, but that is not acceptable. You must work a little on each course every week, so that you are completing a minimum of 15% of the course every 7 days. If you fail to meet this minimum requirement, you will be placed onto a performance plan designed by administration. If after six weeks there is no change for the better, you will be given options of other educational opportunities that may better fit your situation. We don't want this to happen and are here to help you succeed so please reach out for any guidance needed! We want you to flourish at MEA!


    When campuses reopen and if you choose to return to in-person learning, you will be expected to attend each class as it is listed on your schedule. While in that class, you are expected to be working on that specific Edgenuity course. Doing this will help ensure that you remain in good standing and complete the minumum 15% for each course every week.

    Please remember the following:

    Always show respect to staff and fellow students

    Follow campus rules

    Be on time and prepared for learning

    Show care for campus technology

    Maintain a clean workspace

    Be proud of yourself