• Senior Class "Status Towards Graduation" (updated May 4, 2020 @5:00pm)

    Hello Senior Class of 2021!

    We have been working hard behind the scenes to provide each Senior a way to know where they stand when it comes to Graduating by May 28, 2021. 

    Using the document below...

    • Find your Student ID# under your counselor's name. 
    • Review your status.
      • ON-TRACK - You are in a great place! Stay on track. Complete all assignments in all classes. Finish strong.
      • Low Risk - You may have an IGC and/or make-up hours to complete. Contact your counselor ASAP.
      • High Risk - You may have an IGC, Credit Repair, Credit Recovery, Credit Accrual, and/or make-up hours to complete. Contact your counselor ASAP. 

    Contact your counselor by phone, email or completing the "Counselor Request" form.


    Alejandra.Velasco@manorisd.net   Christopher.McDade@manorisd.net   Nykki.Williams@manorisd.net
    (512) 774-4266   (512) 686-6004   (512) 686-6139
    Alpha (A-G)   Alpha (H-O)   Alpha (P-Z)