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  • With our Manor ISD campuses closed due to the spread of COVID-19, our staff has been working around the clock to keep educating our students from home. One of the ways we have been accomplishing this, is by creating some amazing resource videos for our parents and students. Take a look at some of the amazing clips that were put together by our staff and feel free to share this page. 


    Reward system to keep your lower elementary student motivated- Shaleka Boone (1st grade teacher SGE)


    Productive Learning that will make you and your child happy - chores with purpose- Kathryn Pew /MHS Librarian


    Here's a STEAM project where the kids can design and make their own basket with materials found at home- Jennifer Cooper- Pioneer Crossing Elementary


    Oracy and literacy go hand and hand. That means that if you can get kids talking, they'll likely become better readers. Here are 7 fun questions to ask kids around the dinner table, in the car, or anywhere else. And the best part is, just having these chats will help them academically. How great is that!?- Leslie Snyder/ Elementary PBL Coordinator

    7 Fun Questions to Get Kids Talking from Leslie Snyder on Vimeo.


    How to clean groceries before they come into the house -Kami Davidson/Lagos Elementary




    Mindful breathing: 5 finger breathing for elementary students- Janet Ward/Blake Manor Elementary 


    How to make moon sand at home to use as a self-regulating tool- Jenny Kim/ Oak Meadows Elementary 


    How to make a calming space in your home. Including making a calm kit and breathing techniques- Lauren Scialdo/Manor New Tech Middle School



     Adding & Subtracting Integers- Ms. Menke/Decker Middle School


    Mr. Phillip Goetz talks about his first two experiences with gathering in online meetings with student




    Elephant toothpaste experiment/ Gabriel Nila/ Manor Middle School 

    Raising polyphemus moths- Wendy Dallaire/ MNTMS 



    Mr.Goetz demonstrates opposites on guitar, happy / sad high / low, fast / slow 



    Step by Step Pointillism and Watercolor Still Life- Caitlin Trueheart/ MNTMS 



    This Virtual Choir performance includes over 70 video and audio contributions from Gladiator choir scholars over the past week as we have been eLearning as a choir- Samantha Miller- Manor New Tech Middle School


    Fun Video Workout that students can do with the whole family to stay active- Ebony Gordley/MNTMS




    Using the Acapella app to make quartets and other music- Chris Thomsen/ MNTHS 


    Distance learning tips from Laura Krcmar



    How to Create a positive and fun atmosphere with your family- Charryse Parish/DeckerMS 



     Ms. Anna Walker from Manor New Tech Middle School shows us how you can figure out math problems by taking half of a number instead of using long division.

     Here's an amazing video for all of our artistic students out there! Mr. Will Rodriguez shows us how you can build your portfolio on google slides.



    Ms. Sonya Conway with Decker Elementary shows us some ballet and barre basics we can do at home


    MISD PARENT SUPPORT VIDEO: In this video, Mr. Goetz from Manor Senior High School talks about how you can help give your student a voice. He also asks students to create their own videos and speak up about what they're feeling and thinking through all of this by using the hashtag #youhaveourattention


     It's time for a fun craft that reinforces some math skills and ideas! Ms. Ann Marie Hicks from Manor High School shows us how to make a cute mouse with paper, glue or tape, markers or crayons and a short piece of string. Take a look!


    We all love and have been spending a lot of time with our pets over the last few months😍. Here's Mr. Goetz from Manor Senior High School and his pug, Lulu. Did you know pugs make the weirdest noises? 


    Today we are taking a field trip to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Mr. Douglas Costin, with Manor Middle School, sent us this video he created for his STEAM students.

    It’s about pedal-powered weaving, and how the proprietors have retrofitted a bicycle and farming machine parts to create a large, commercial-grade loom.


     I'm sure by now we're all pretty fed up with puzzles, but here's a game that you probablt haven't played before. Ms. Ann Marie Hicks from Manor High School shows us how to play a new (quicker, more kid-friendly) style of solitaire. The game is called Kings in the Corner.



     5 steps for a successful homeschooling during shelter in home- Mrs. Irmalyn Falcón, M.J.


    Consejos prácticos en Español - Mrs. Wall/ ShadowGlen Elementary