• Parents, Students, and Staff:

    I am providing some clarification in regards to what Texas and the US Department of Education says staff can do and their protections under the law. 

    For our everyone's safety, please read the attachments. 

    Safety for everyone on campus begins with each person on campus giving respect.  Disrepectful language and non-compliance can quickly escalate to student removals and consequences.  We are working hard to keep our students in class.  However, when behaviors cause safety concerns, we may default to the use of alternative means to create a safe environment.  

    The safety of all students, staff, parents, and guests is of the upmost importance to me.  

    Every altercation will be documented and reviewed to ensure the measures taken meet the attached standards.  

    All persons near such event should immedaitely call for help and move to a safe space, if you aren't comfortable or trained to intervene.  


    Always working to make the world a better place,

    Dr. Christopher Harvey

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