Altered Operations General Questions

  • Q: What is expected from all staff?

  • Q: Where do I get the most up to date information regarding altered operations?

Altered Operations

  • Q: Are there special concerns with 255 day employees?

  • Q: How will food service personnel be compensated?

  • Q: How will transportation personnel be compensated?

  • Q: If I am required to be physically present at a work site, campus or facility; will there be extra-duty pay, premium pay, or special assignment pay?

  • Q: Do hourly (non-exempt) employees need to clock in?

  • Q: How will hourly employees be compensated?

  • Q: What is expected from hourly (non-exempt) employees?

  • Q: Are there specific hours expected from salaried (exempt) employees?

  • Q: What does ‘normal hours of operation’ mean?


  • Q: If long term substitutes are still working how should we document this?

  • Q: Will regular substitutes be compensated?

  • Q: Will floating substitutes be compensated?

  • Q: Will long term substitutes be compensated?

Temporary Employees

  • Q: How do temporary employee report hours worked?

  • Q: Will temporary employees be working?

Absences / Time Off

  • Q: What if I had approved time off for school business?

  • Q: If I am requesting time off for two days or more, will I need to complete the BLUE FORM?

  • Q: What if I am directed to report to work but need to take time off?

  • Q: What if I cannot be available to work virtually or in person?

  • Q: What if I have already scheduled time off?