• Separating from Manor ISD

    Chapter 21 Contract Employees:

    An educator employed under a probationary contract for the following school year, or under a term or continuing contract, may relinquish the position and leave district employment at the end of the school year without penalty by filing a written resignation with a board or a board’s designee not later than the 45th day before the first day of instruction of the following school year.

    An educator requesting to be released from their contract during the school year, must receive prior approval from the Board of Trustees. Policy DFE Legal.  After release is approved follow the steps below to submit your separation in TalentEd Records. 

    Non-Chapter 21/Paraprofessional/Auxiliary Employees/Substitute/Temporary Employees:

    Please log in to TalentEd Records to complete a Separation Letter. Once your separation letter is received and accepted by Human Capital, a checklist task from TalentEd Records will be emailed to you.  


    Below are instructions on how to submit your separation.

     Submit Separation Letter

    Once your separation is accepted you will receive the following flyers in a checklist.

    Leaving Manor ISD - Information from HC

    Leaving Manor ISD - Information from Payroll


    Please contact Human Capital at (512) 278-4279 or human.capital@manorisd.net