About Gifted & Talented

  • The Manor ISD Gifted and Talented program emphasizes the identification of gifted and talented students beginning in kindergarten. Students may be nominated for evaluation throughout the school year. Identified GT students in grades 1-5 attend AIM Academy ~Accelerate~Innovate~Motivate~ one day per week.

    Additional instructional services in core academic areas for K-12 take place through the use of differentiated curriculum and project-based learning within the instructional classroom. Instructional strategies promote critical thinking and reasoning abilities, problem-solving skills, independent studies, and creative product development. Students are served by classroom instructors who are GT qualified through 30 or more hours in GT professional development and remain current in their qualification by engaging in 6 additional GT professional development hours each year.

    Additional information is available regarding services by contacting the MISD Coordinator of Continuous Improvement or campus GT coordinators:

    Coordinator of Continuous Improvement- Celeste Sodergren celeste.sodergren@manorisd.net

    Interested in serving on the Parent Advisory Committee for Gifted and Talented? Email me!